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Who is a Virtual Chief Technology Officer?

A virtual Chief Technology Officer (CTO) is an individual hired by an organization to oversee business processes and policies, in order to advice on best-fit solutions for technology-related tasks in order to help the business achieve its goals.

Responsibilities of a Virtual Chief Technology Officer to a Small Business


A virtual chief technology officer is hired to offer leadership skills. Not only does a virtual CTO oversee certain policies in a company, but also ensure that such policies are streamlined in order to maximize business productivity. The advantage of having a CTO is that all your policies will originate from one source, hence improved business management.

Risk Management

Small businesses, especially those that deal with sensitive information such as credit card information face the risk of data theft. Hiring a virtual Chief Technology Officer will ensure such risks are mitigated since this CTO will advise on best data management and security policies. Ensuring that business guidelines are followed in obtaining and securing such information is vital, hence the need for technology consulting.

Policy Improvement

In order to remain competitive in the technological industry, a business needs to regularly update and improve company policies. A network administrator is able to handle such policy improvements and ensure the best-fit solution to a problem is identified and implemented. Cyber security is one such policy which requires frequent updating, and who else to effectively handle such crucial policies than the virtual CTO.

Benefits of Hiring a Virtual CTO

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