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Did you know that Salesforce has approximately 20% of the overall CRM market? While the over 150,000 customers that Salesforce has accumulated may be happy with the software out of the box, some businesses find that it may be missing an important piece of their customer relationship management process. Without Salesforce development services, these businesses would have to use additional software or settle for what is available.

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The Maennche Team has helped countless businesses unleash their potential through Salesforce development services for nearly two decades. We have successfully integrated numerous new functionalities required by companies throughout this time while also ensuring the projects are delivered on time and at or under the proposed budget. If you are struggling with Salesforce due to missing functionality, the team at Maennche Software Services is here to help.

While the possibilities are endless with Salesforce development, here are some of the popular options that our customers are interested in:

Data silos can quickly disrupt analytical flows for businesses. Fortunately, when using Salesforce, these problems can be overcome with simple Salesforce integration development. Any app you rely on day-to-day can be integrated into Salesforce, including Microsoft Office, payroll software, marketing software, or any other cloud applications. These external resources can be included in Salesforce workflows to provide greater visibility and expand productivity through integration.

Salesforce integration development does often require the use of an integration platform. In our experience, there are many different options available to businesses to create custom APIs, including Jitter, MuleSoft, or Informatica. Once your chosen integration has been defined, we can help work out the frameworks needed to make it possible. All it takes to get started is a simple idea of what you would like to be integrated into your Salesforce processes.

While Salesforce has its automation solutions, they may not be as extensive as they need to be for some businesses - particularly if integrating processes that aren't native to the software. If advanced automation is necessary, investing in Salesforce development is likely the best option to improve the software's level of support. The Maennche Team's goal is to make your business processes flow uninterrupted, so you can focus on providing the best service possible to your customers.

Although the core functionality of Salesforce may not include every feature that you had hoped for, that doesn't mean that you have to settle. Our team can utilize Salesforce development to make it easy to connect to data sources both inside and outside of your organization. The Maennche Team's Salesforce development experts have the experience and resources needed to bring your automation projects to life - no matter how challenging they might be.

Managing an eCommerce store can be incredibly challenging without the right tools. Any business that wants to eliminate the complexity of storefront development and launch new products faster can benefit from Salesforce eCommerce management development. While Salesforce has a basic integration already included in the software, this can be expanded to provide even more support through expert Salesforce development services.

Starting from scratch is a great way to ensure that you get the exact functionality you need to succeed in competitive online marketplaces. Maennche Software Services can develop integration options for any eCommerce platform, improve storefront reference architecture, or expand functionality to include features like abandoned shopping cart emails. You know what your business needs. We can help bring it to life with Salesforce development.

A great CRM should provide all of the data needed by a company in one centralized location. Although Salesforce is good at tracking internal data, it may not give a well-rounded picture of a business's progress. For this reason, it makes sense for many companies to invest in Salesforce development services to achieve advanced reporting and analytics that would otherwise be unavailable under the current software frameworks.

Maennche Software Services can expand the AI-powered analytics native to Salesforce to include alternative data sources that aren't available out of the box. This approach gives businesses a vast amount of contextual data that helps them make intelligent decisions. Whether you are struggling to see ahead, seize missed business opportunities, or continue to grow, our Salesforce development experts can help improve your data tracking at times they matter most.

Our Past Salesforce
Development Projects


TGI Greek is one of the longest-standing Greek apparel companies in the United States. To improve the experience that sorority and fraternity customers have, the Maennche Team was contacted to develop plugins to achieve Salesforce and OrderMyGear integration. With this functionality unlocked, the business reached a higher level of eCommerce success.

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Finding a Salesforce developer that can fulfill all of a project's requirements is critical for continued success. While most developers will only specialize in one particular field, Maennche has the knowledge and technical expertise required to complete any Salesforce development requirements a client may have. We would love to hear more about your vision! Contact us today to book a consultation appointment and learn what is possible.