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Although we may not think of it most of the time, much of the technology we rely on daily is controlled by software. This includes the GPS that helps you get to your next business meeting via the most efficient route, the voice-activated coffee pot that perks you up in the morning, or the email client that keeps you informed about what is going on around you. Without software development, many of the products you enjoy wouldn't be as beneficial as they are.

The Expert Software Development Partner You've Been Looking For

Maennche Software Services has a long history of providing excellent custom software development services for over two decades. Throughout this time, he has worked with businesses of all sizes to fulfill their software requirements while ensuring that the projects remain on time and within their designated budget.

While we can work with nearly any framework you have in mind, here are some of our most popular software development services:

As the name suggests, front-end software development relates to building user interface components, such as checkboxes, buttons, dialog boxes, or forms. Front-end software development is generally associated with HTML5 or JavaScript and requires extensive knowledge of different coding languages. While this type of development mainly focuses on the outward appearance and user experience, knowing how the system works is necessary, so it doesn't get broken by front-end coding.

The Maennche Team has extensive experience with front-end software development and can utilize a variety of programming languages to meet the unique needs outlined by a custom software project. Some of the possible programming languages include PHP, Ruby on Rails, Java, and much more. No matter what your vision is, our Tulsa software development team can help bring it to life.

Back-end software development is used to establish server-side scripting codes that enable various functions, including database management, file saving, authentication tools, or other server-based processes that may require back-end support. In some cases, integrating applications and creating Application Programming Interfaces (APIs) may be needed for customized requests.

At Maennche Software Services, our software development team can fulfill any back-end software development needs your business may have. We focus on creating streamlined server-side applications and databases that create a seamless and enjoyable experience for end users when paired with expert front-end coding. Our software developers continue to study industry trends, improve coding and back-end processes, and work to scale client software as needed.

Full-stack software development combines both back-end and front-end software development by a single provider or development team. In the modern world, there is no software developer more versatile than a full-stack developer, and every business should invest in their services if they are trying to leverage emerging digital opportunities.

When it comes to full-stack software development, the Maennche Team has a solid understanding of the core components of both front-end and back-end development to provide a streamlined and efficient software development approach. Our Tulsa software developers are a dedicated team that you can rely on for your new projects or any modernization or maintenance needed for past projects.

Data is considered one of the most valuable assets that a business can have, and the analytics they provide can help them realize their full potential. AI-enabled software development is used to develop frameworks that help navigate the unique difficulties that create barriers for businesses to use artificial intelligence effectively. From simple chatbots to automated marketing solutions, the opportunities for future growth are seemingly endless for companies that want to get in on the ground floor.

Maennche Software Services has championed AI-enabled software development for nearly half a decade, and our software developers have completed countless successful AI-based projects for our clients. We are constantly looking for ways to implement new technologies that are not only beneficial for businesses but can also actively help them continue to grow.

Businesses that choose to develop mobile apps for their customers have experienced tremendous success in recent years. Although, this shouldn't be a surprise since approximately 97% of the population has a cell phone - 85% of which have a smartphone. Mobile-first efforts are rapidly growing in popularity. There has never been a better time to work with a qualified developer to get your business's mobile applications up and running.

Although mobile app development may seem different than traditional software development, the Maennche Team has the resources and knowledge needed to make your mobile app a reality. It is important to note that neither iOS nor Android is considered an open environment, so joining the appropriate developer program and paying the necessary fees will likely be required before distribution.

Cloud-based software development is used to create applications that allow users to access files or software without ever needing to download or install a program on their computer. As you might imagine, this makes the process more efficient than traditional software development and ensure that software and resources are available to anyone with the proper credentials anywhere they might be. The only caveat is that an internet connection is required to access and authenticate the software.

At Maennche Software Services, we have extensive experience with cloud-based software development. We have helped businesses of all sizes create the perfect application to meet their needs, but we can also help them find the most appropriate server to house the software. Some of the cloud services that we can develop software for include Microsoft Azure, Google Cloud Computing, and Amazon Web Services.


Our Past Software
Development Projects


Your Online Digital Assistant (YODA) works to provide businesses with the tools they need to be successful online. The Maennche Team has had the privilege of working on several projects for YODA, including their AI-based news application, a simple analytics system for website admins, and their most recent Marketing CRM, which is considered the first of its kind.

TEDC provides non-traditional lending options to help promote and sustain small business growth in Tulsa, Oklahoma. When COVID-19 hit, the organization began receiving CARES Act money and needed a web-based system that would expedite the loan application process and provide a pathway to loan forgiveness - requirements that were achieved quickly by the developers at Maennche Software Services.

Certified Source is considered one of the largest staffing companies in Oklahoma, with four unique office locations. Maennche Software Services was fortunate to work with Certified Source to develop an Employee Time Tracking Portal. Certified Source can accurately track employee time through this system without requiring the high subscription fees associated with similar software.

TGI Greek is one of the longest-standing Greek apparel companies in the United States. To improve the experience that sorority and fraternity customers have, the Maennche was contacted to develop a Salesforce Order Automation strategy and other highly beneficial eCommerce functionality like abandoned cart design integrations and a complete website redesign.

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Finding a software developer that can fulfill all of a project's requirements is critical for continued success. While most developers will only specialize in one particular field, Maennche has the knowledge and technical expertise required to complete any software development requirements a client may have. We would love to hear more about your vision! Contact us today to book a consultation appointment and learn what is possible.